How to buy Rusty Muscle Cars

Found an old rusty Muscle Car setting some place – in a field – a back yard – a barn?

You want it right? Sure you do. Why has this car set here for this long? It is because the owner usually has some kind of attachment to it.

How do you convince the owner to sell it to you?

What is the proven best way to convince the owner to sell? You roll up to the house and park in the driveway in as close to the same type car he/she has as possible.

The Muscle Car you roll up in should be gleaming clean and perfectly restored.You want the owner of the car you wish to buy to come out of the house. You can’t have a nice conversation with some one through a screen door.

Invite the person to come out and look at your car. After some conversation the owner of the car you wish to buy will usually warm up to you and consider you worthy of owning his car, as in his mind it is something special and he wants to see it as it once was – just as the car you drive up in – perfectly restored – perfect in every way.

Chat with the owner and make friends, if he/she starts to warm up to you then before long offer a ride in the car you arrived in. Ask if he has a favorite local burger joint as tell him you are hungry and would like to stop for lunch and by the way it will be your treat and to have what he/she likes. Nothing like food and good conversation to cement your friendship and that is what you will have to achieve – friendship.

The best car deals I have ever made – no matter the type of car – is when I have taken some time to talk with the owner and ended up with a new friend who wanted me to have the car. I have even heard a seller say this during the deal. One time I bought a classic 1974 Ford Bronco a long time ago, about 1985. The owner loved the bronco but was in a position where he had to sell. He spent time and money fixing the bronco up. During the deal we spent a lot of time talking, so much time that his girl friend started to complain. I actually heard the seller tell her to back off and leave us alone – he said that he was talking to a really cool buyer and he wanted me to have the bronco – Quote: “this dude is cool, this is the dude I want to have my Bronco”. I over heard it from outside on the porch. After hearing this I knew I had the deal and at a good price. I drove that bronco home about an hour later.

The owner of the car you want to buy considers the car he has to be something special. Your job is to convince this person you are worthy of him selling the car to you.

Some times you will get your deal right then and there. Some times you will have to work for the sale over time, even years.

If you get the sale right there your gold.

If not then be sure to get phone numbers and make sure you get the correct mailing address, some times people use a PO box and the broken down mail box out front is never checked.

Stay in contact, call, write letters, send cards.

You have to beĀ perceived as some one who cares, As the right person who will do theĀ Rusty Muscle Car justice by fixing her up to glory again so she “Gleams and Screams”.

That is your job as buyer, convince the seller you are the person who will bring this old car back to life and make her great again.

Do that and you got your deal.

Fail and….. go home empty handed.

Now, go save those old Rusty Muscle Cars – don’t let them be lost to history.


Below – a 1974 Ford Bronco I once bought using the techniques described above – make friends – get the deal.

1974 ford bronco

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