Rusty Muscle Cars

1954-vette-rusting-in-field 68 shelby gt350

1958 corvette and 1968 Shelby GT350 quietly rusting away – buy these cars – Click here

Send your photos of old muscle cars to – sand large photos

You are going to see shocking photos here of very valuable Muscle Cars setting in barns, garages, fields and back yards rusting and wasting away.

These cars can some times can be bought for a song if you just stop by and ask. Other times the owner will tell you he is going to “fix the car up” and it is not for sale. You will never know unless you ask.

See our article on -> How to buy Old Rusty Muscle Cars <-

We need old rusty Muscle Car photos and information

We have a deal for you. Send us any/all photos of old rusty Muscle cars you find.

Get payed by listing the “Rusty Muscle Car” you find here with photos as ” location and information available” for sale.

Information brokers.

When we are contacted by a potential buyer who wants the information about the car listed we will contact you, the person who sent in the photos to be sure the car is still sitting where it was when you took the photos.

We will supply your contact information (phone – email address) to the potential buyer for a small fee. When the potential buyer contacts you, you supply him with the whereabouts of the car in the photo for a fee, we suggest $50.00 but it could be much more ($200.00 plus) if you know the car is for sale. If he manages to buy the car that is up to him.

We, as in “you and us” will act as information brokers so people looking for these old muscle cars can find them.

Now, start hunting for old cars setting out in fields, snap some good photos, record the address and phone number if possible of the owner and send in the photos to us.

We do not need the car’s location, just your contact info.

Now start hunting for old Muscle Cars!

Interested in restoring old Muscle Cars?

Send us your email address via our contact form – click here.

We will notify you when we get a new listing via our “Rusty Muscle Car” email list.

How do you buy a “Rusty Muscle Car” setting in some one’s yard? There is one absolute best way – a way that simply beats all others hands down every time.

It works because the owner usually has kept the car because he has some kind of emotional attachement to it.

So, what is this proven best way to convince the owner to sell? You roll up to his house and park in the driveway in as close to the same type car he/she has as possible.

The car you roll up in should be gleaming clean and perfectly restored. The owner of the car you wish to buy will usually warm up to you and consider you worthy of owning his car as in his mind it is something special and he wants to see it as it once was – as the car is you drive up in – perfectly restored – perfect in every way.

Chat with the owner and make friends, if he/she starts to warm up to you then before long offer a ride in the car you arrived in. Ask if he has a favorite local burger joint as tell him you are hungry and would like to stop for lunch and by the way it will be your treat and to have what he/she likes. Nothing like food and good conversation to cement your friendship and that is what you will have to achieve – friendship.

The owner of the car you want to buy considers the car he has to be something special. Your job is to convince this person you are worthy of him selling the car to you.


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